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The Passage

The Passage - Justin Cronin Don't listen to all that endless hooey that people try to come up with to sound clever and well-read. You know the stuff I'm talking about here. That this book is a ripoff of any one of ten Stephen King novels (Firestarter, The Stand -- take your pick). Or that people think the book is too long for them . Or that it was too confusing that said book gets you to emotionally invest in a cast of characters only to seemingly chuck them out the window as it jumps abruptly forward in time partway through. Or... Aw Hell. Just ignore all that and pick up a copy.

I suppose a real criticism that immediately leaps to mind is the five consecutive pages about midway through the book that don't seem to continue the same sentence from one page to the next. You get to the bottom of one page, move on to the next page, and -- WTF? -- you're in a different sentence entirely. Not sure what's up there but it damn near frustrated me enough to put the book down as the resulting jolt out of the story was pretty unpleasant and jarring. Thankfully I kept on keeping on and found the book ultimately rewarding and a very entertaining read.

Is it perfect? No. Entertaining as all get out? Sure is! This, Stephanie Meyer, is how a vampire story is written. Pfft. Twilight. Gimme a break.