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David McRaney

The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek - Timothy Ferriss Instead of focusing on this book's lame contents (it was really bad) I decided to share my review of how it was otherwise used in the hopes that it might inspire others.

First of all, I found the book's paper a little rough in texture. This precluded it from being used in the outhouse or camping, if you know what I mean. The raspy paper DID, however, have just the right stuff to be 'ripped and rolled' into some really effective starter wicks in the old fireplace. Went up like a charm and led to a toasty warm fire in no time. Very little smoke produced and it left a good, clean ash.

The pages and binding that remained sat limply and dejected by the hearth for much of the evening before inspiration struck once again. I tore the front cover off (I am reluctant to burn colored ink in my fireplace -- call me old-fashioned) and ripped it into some smaller pieces to fold and wedge into a drafty window to help keep it closed. I made sure to have the outer cover facing outward to better repel any moisture that might attack the paper from the window seam. Again -- like it was MADE for the task!

Finally, and I'm not proud of it -- I like to minimize my footprint on Mother Earth -- I had to let the binding go. No good for burning and I doubt even a hungry squirrel would find it appealing. It was dropped in the trash by the light of the crackling fire on that dark snowy night.

I sat by the roaring fire, light sleet pellets tickling the window with a silent powdery snow, pondering the fate of the environment. With so many copies of this book very likely suffering some form of destruction around the globe what's a species to do?